Andrew Horton image

Andrew Horton

Director of Franchise Development – Canada

With over three decades of professional experience in driving growth and expansion across various industries, Andrew Horton steps into the role of Director of Franchise Development for Canada poised to leverage his background to chart a successful course for Paul Davis franchise growth.

In his new capacity, Andrew takes on the responsibility of spearheading Paul Davis’s expansion efforts throughout Canada. Drawing from his extensive experience in professional sales and business development, he brings a nuanced understanding of the franchise landscape to the table. Andrew will leverage his expertise in cultivating relationships and identifying opportunities to nurture existing franchise offices for optimal performance while identifying and pursuing avenues for new franchise partnerships.

A strategic thinker, Andrew leverages market insights and industry trends to craft tailored strategies aimed at maximizing franchise sales and profitability. His approach is marked by a commitment to building strong relationships with potential franchisees and fostering close collaboration with internal teams. This alignment ensures a seamless and successful onboarding process for new franchise partners, setting them up for long-term success within their new Paul Davis venture.

Central to Andrew’s approach is the cultivation of a culture of excellence and collaboration within the franchise development team, while dedicated to driving performance and achieving ambitious growth targets. While embarking on this new chapter, Andrew remains steadfast in his commitment to continuous learning and innovation, positioning Paul Davis as a leader in franchise development within the Canadian market.

With humility and excitement, Andrew looks forward to contributing his expertise and leadership to Paul Davis, driving the brand’s expansion, sustained success, and prominence in the Canadian landscape.