Considering Paul Davis Restoration As a Franchise Opportunity?


Have you ever wondered why someone would invest in a franchise? Have you ever considered investing in a franchise opportunity yourself? When doing so, it’s important to weigh the pros and cons and understand why owning the right franchise may have an advantage over starting your own business from the ground up.

Any business is an investment of time, money, energy, expertise and hard work. Starting up your own company can be inexpensive but often means countless hours of research and evaluation as you consider the best course of action. Oftentimes this can lead to burnout and feelings of overwhelm. Purchasing a franchise allows you to get started more quickly and incorporate a team approach to the business.

Paul Davis Restoration has dedicated resources and people to answer questions about how to start a franchise. You’ll find a collaborative environment composed of experts who provide training, support, and accountability, alongside a strong, award-winning brand.

Important factors to consider when evaluating a franchise opportunity

  • Location & Branding
  • Reputation & Company Culture
  • Investment Cost & Risk
  • Experience & Hands-On Team Knowledge
  • Business Training & Leadership Opportunities
  • Continued Mentorship Through Franchise Growth

Paul Davis Restoration believes, “Your Success Continues with our Team,” and seeks to provide the physical materials, online documentation and in person training that sets each franchisee and team up to grow and prosper, quickly.

Our Owner School program matches you or your general manager with a Launch Coach to customize your leadership opportunities and incorporate your former success and experience and determine best practices that apply uniquely to your and staff.

You’ll learn the Paul Davis Restoration model, of course. However, we also target organizational management, finances, marketing, and human resource management, filling in the gaps wherever there is a need. We help you outline your vision, mission and values while teaching the software that is essential in your business. If you are already familiar with tools such as Quickbooks or Xactimate, we’ll go deeper, teaching you and/or your team how to utilize best as a Paul Davis Restoration company. Marketing, hiring, and other necessary business practices will be taught and your launch coach will work with you to decide how these items best fit your company culture in the Franchise Launch program.

As Eric Taylor, Franchise Launch Owner School program innovator explains, this program “alleviates the burden of relearning,” by filling in the gaps, and providing specific technical training for both owners and general managers in any areas where there’s a need. That type of coaching and leadership is not something available to most new business owners and is part of the reason Paul Davis Restoration remains a franchise opportunity that stands alone.