Our Comprehensive Franchise Launch Support Program

Paul Davis has developed a program called Franchise Launch for new owners to reduce their startup time. From the moment a new franchisee comes on board they are assigned a “Launch Coach.” After they attend Owner’s School, the franchisee will receive a customized support plan to ensure their success. The time it takes to start a franchise will depend on how long you’re mentored by the coach. Typically in just a couple of years or less, most franchisees have enough knowledge about the business to see results and take charge on their own.

Passionate Leaders – Our Job Is To Ensure Your Startup Is Successful

How long does it take to start a franchise? At Paul Davis, we ensure that you can hit the ground running because we’re passionate leaders who care about our franchise owners’ success. Because we’re so committed to you, we set you up with a Launch Coach whose job it is to develop your skills in the business and set you off on your own path.

Paul Davis Restoration Supports Our Franchise Owners From Day 1.

The majority of small businesses fail within the first two years, so Paul Davis designed a program that offers support, education, and inspiration for our new franchisees—The Franchise Launch program. The structure of the program is customized to each franchisee’s specific needs, so you can reduce the time needed to start a franchise. How long does it take to start up? The franchisee’s knowledge of the industry/business will determine the time period they will work with the coach, which typically works out to be a 24-month process.

The Launch Coach will assist with building a business plan and building a team that will push you closer towards your goals. You will set and achieve goals, produce results, and execute a robust marketing strategy to continue propelling your business forward. These challenges, among others, are often faced by new franchisees, but with a knowledgeable coach by your side, you will have the support you need to do well.

The Launch Coaches have goals to assist the new franchisees scale their business quickly and profitably in their first two years.

Paul Davis Franchise Benefits

Not every franchisee shares the same goal or measures achievements in the same way, so you can customize your approach according to what’s important to you as an owner. This is what makes Paul Davis Restoration a brand that is known for providing plenty of supportive guidance to its franchisees across various regions. No matter what you’re aiming for personally and professionally, our franchise program can help you achieve what you desire and cut down on your franchise startup time.

Why Paul Davis

  • Paul Davis has over a 97% success rate for franchises because success is part of our business model
  • As North America’s leading insurance restoration network, our relationships with national insurance and commercial accounts benefits each franchise
  • Ongoing research and training on improved methods keep us at the industry forefront
  • We dominate the market, not saturate it – your location doesn’t compete against other Paul Davis franchises for business
  • Our business model is designed to create wealth – we build large businesses
  • Supportive home office with a ratio of 1:10 office personnel to franchise owner
  • Retain your top employees with collaboration, effective training and transparent operations

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