The Paul Davis Franchise Process

The cooperation between corporate and franchisees has played a huge role in making our company the industry leader in restoration services. We are an established organization with over 50 years in the service sectors.

investment requirements

Financial Requirements for Franchise Ownership

Paul Davis franchise ownership provides you with a fresh opportunity to take part in your new business venture. We see our franchise owners as partners because they are investing their future in our brand. We are selective with who we invite to own a part of our company and seek out those who embody our values and have an aptitude for running our franchises. As an added measure of security for your financial and personal investments in owning a Paul Davis franchise, we don’t oversaturate the market, so you won’t have other locations to contend with.

meet the team day

Meet The Team Day

Paul Davis Discovery Days are for serious candidates and allows you to see if Paul Davis is the right fit for you. Not only will you have your questions answered, but you will get an in-depth look at the way we operate and a clear understanding of the restoration business.

Discovery Days are held at our headquarters and provide the opportunity to meet our executive team, tour our state-of-the-art training facilities, sit in on classes, and show you a clear sense of company culture. We’re confident you’ll leave Discovery Day excited to join Paul Davis as a franchise owner.

franchise launch

Franchise Launch

Paul Davis franchising begins with a supportive home office dedicated to the success of your business. We have created a program called Franchise Launch that is designed to equip each new franchise owner with everything they need for a successful opening and is customizable based on you, the franchise owner’s needs.

The majority of small businesses close their doors within the first 2 years of starting, so to prevent this you are assigned a Launch Coach as soon as you sign a franchise agreement. Your Launch Coach works closely with you as you learn our processes and business model, as well as train you on operational requirements, like finances, management, and human resources.

Support & Training

When you join the Paul Davis Restoration team as a franchise owner, you receive the most in-depth training in the industry. Our training program provides the knowledge, confidence, and support to execute our effective, first-rate damage restoration services as well as learn the skill set required to operate your restoration business. Superior training from our state-of-the-art facility is the foundation of our company because our reputation is built on the expertise of our franchise owners.

Paul Davis educators take pride in offering an outstanding education for every franchise owner. We take the time to get to know each student, so we meet their needs, making our teaching much more effective. We are deeply invested in the success of new franchisees, and our Launch Coaches play a significant role in the ongoing support and success of our new owners.

franchise marketing support

Franchise Marketing Support

Our marketing team is innovative and looks for ways to improve our products, services, and advertising for the benefit of our franchise owners. We layout what is available for our franchisees in our marketing activity plans. These plans include descriptions of programs and campaigns along with related resources and ideas about executing their plans. This is an excellent way for our franchisees to make goals and track them properly. We also monitor which programs have had the most success with our franchisees, so that we can fine-tune our approach and generate more opportunities for revenue for all of our franchise owners.

owner collaboration

Owner Collaboration

Our relationship with our franchisees as a partnership starting with the best training in the industry, on-going support and resources designed to make their business thrive. In-turn, our franchisees provide practical insights which we use to make policies and develop processes and best practices that keep our company at the forefront of the industry. Paul Davis Restoration’s corporate culture is about conversations. The feedback we receive from our franchise owners in the field shapes the destiny of Paul Davis as the company grows and evolves.

Paul Davis is able to offer franchisees many diverse benefits, like the camaraderie of a community. The combination of big-business expertise and family business heart is what makes Paul Davis Restoration an extraordinary company.

Multiple Awards & Commendations!

We are a company with significant resources and expertise that handles complex recovery situations. Our accolades show we are the leading damage restoration franchise to own.

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