Former-Marine Takes Lessons from Military and Turns Them into Business Success


This year has been trying for even the most diehard among us. It’s difficult to run a business when the game plan is constantly changing. But Edison Recinos, franchise owner of Paul Davis Restoration of The Gables – one of the most trusted brands in the insurance restoration industry – has done exceedingly well in serving clients throughout Miami and surrounding areas. Recinos served seven years in the United States Marine Corps, and with Veterans Day approaching, Recinos says what he learned in the military has played a crucial role in his business success. “The military taught me to never stand still, always be looking a few steps ahead,” the 40-year-old Recinos said. “That has been essential in these times. Being able to adjust quickly has allowed us to adapt rapidly to new standards and needs of our clients. We are not only surviving, but thriving in the pandemic. Not being scared to try new things and making adjustments quickly has really been a big part of our success.”

It’s hard to be scared when you’ve experienced what Recinos did while serving in the Marines from 2000 to 2007. He joined the Marines for education and travel opportunities, but little did Recinos know that the Iraq War was going to begin in 2003. Serving as a Sergeant in the 15th Marine Expeditionary Unit, Recinos’ unit conducted amphibious operations, emergency embassy evacuations and had Special Operations designation. He led many raids and missions in combat operations in numerous locations throughout Iraq. And despite his duties that continually put him in harm’s way, Recinos was still able to travel the world, visiting Hawaii, Japan, Australia, India, Sri Lanka and many other countries.

Recinos described himself as very quiet and shy before joining the Marines, but says no one would use those terms today in describing him. He said his military service gave him the confidence to go forward and succeed no matter what challenge he faced. “It provided me the can-do attitude; the ability to adapt and overcome,” Recinos said. “Life will always throw things at you and the military taught me how to zig and zag. I use many of the skills I was taught in the military; skills such as always finding a way, pushing forward and never giving up.”

After leaving the military in May 2007, Recinos worked in financial services and telecommunications before joining the insurance industry in 2010 and traveling the country while working in catastrophe response. “I learned a lot about construction, contractors and different restoration companies,” Recinos said. That’s also when he got his first exposure to Paul Davis, which has been at the forefront of innovation in the property damage, emergency services and restoration industry since 1966 by pioneering water damage assessment and monitoring technology among others. Customer calls are returned within 30 minutes of first contact, teams are onsite within hours and all work is thoroughly documented. “I had a lot of experiences with Paul Davis and I began to look into them more and more,” Recinos said. “I decided it must be a pretty good company if I keep issuing payments to them, so I began to get serious about the idea of owning my own franchise.”

With more than 300 locations in the US and Canada, Paul Davis is continually growing, and it seems like a perfect fit for individuals who have a background similar to Recinos and are looking to either own or work for a local franchise. “I opened my franchise in Miami in September 2014 and I have been here ever since,” Recinos said.

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