Shawn Clark

Chief Information Officer

As Chief Information Officer, Shawn believes that communicating with owners is essential for the health of the Paul Davis Restoration brand.

Shawn personally calls owners to discuss their concerns and ideas when new software is being rolled out.

For Shawn, remembering the purpose of Paul Davis Restoration — assisting homeowners who have experienced a crisis — is crucial. Uniting around that high purpose promotes collaboration between the executive team and franchise owners and enhances the brand and each franchise.

Shawn Clark is an IT Executive with more than nineteen years experience in shaping and directing cost-effective IT operations in the healthcare, education, government, and insurance industry. After graduating from the University of Rhode Island with a double major in Economics and Communications, he moved to Florida where he lead the IT department of a 700 bed community hospital and level one trauma center for sixteen years. During this time he received his Certified Healthcare Chief Information Officer (CHCIO) certification and a Master of Business Administration degree from Florida State University. His passion for serving the most vulnerable people in the community led to the Chief Information Officer position with Paul Davis Restoration, Inc.